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Global Basic Science Research Institute​

Max Planck POSTECH Center for Complex Phase of Materials

Research field

  • Develop multi-functional composite property phenomenon manifested when charge, spin, orbit, lattices and
    so on are interacted by quantum mechanics, and identifies the principle
  • Development of advanced functional material and nano structures with composite properties and
    development of advanced functional nano device with new photo·electro·magnetic properties
    • Graphene
    • Multiferroics
    • Complex Phase nanomaterials
    • Operation of advanced research facilities

Research group

  • Director: Director. Jae-Hoon Park(MPK) / Director. Liu Hao Tjeng(MPI-CPfS)

International Joint Research

  • Conclusion of MoA for collaborative research with MPK-MPG-NSRRC-NCTU-NTHU
    • Conducting a comprehensive electronic structure study on nanomaterials
    • Expanding the research capabilities through joint utilization of Beamline with MPI-CPfS
    • Conducting the research of topological materials and low dimensional magnetic materials using spin-resolved ARPES system
    • Conductind the research on electronic structure of multiferroic and Interaction of charge-orbital-spin using 6A MPK beamline
    • Conducting the research on electronic structure, spin and orbital moment in strong magnetic field conditions
    • Conducting a soft x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of NSRRC through joint research with Prof. Liu Hao Tjeng group of MPI-CPfS

Application areas

  • Development of highly functional nano structures
    • Secure core technology of chalcogenide, next-generation semiconductor material
    • Secure core technology of multiferroics to develop next-generation memory material

Major Achievements

Expected effect

  • Creating creative practical knowledge in the field of future nano/materials to derive the growth engine of the nation future science and technology strategy
  • To secure world-class research competitiveness in the field of condensed matter and material science